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Class Types

Vinyasa Flow

Mixing contemporary and traditional yogic principles, vinyasa flow links movement to breath. With a focus on transitions, we'll move fluidly through surya namaskar (sun salutations) and creative āsana sequencing. Regardless of where you're at, you'll always have options to fire it up and slow it down. Open to all.


Slow Flow

Think vinyasa flow but swimming in syrup. We move slower and with more intention through a creative sequence aimed at reconnecting body and mind. But slower doesn't always mean easier. Expect some energising elements aimed at building strength, flexibility, and focus. Because we move slower, this class can be a great option for beginners but is open to all.



This whole-body workout combines the most powerful elements of yoga asana to help you get strong - physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is mindful movement that includes classic yoga shapes and strength training. We'll get our sweat on, explore our edges, and open up to new possibilities. Due to its fast-paced flow, this class isn't recommended for those new to yoga asana.


Dynamic Pilates

A high-energy take on pilates that combines classical and contemporary pilates moves alongside elements of yoga and mindfulness. We'll flow through a series of dynamic exercises to raise your heart rate, challenge your endurance, and keep you grounded in your breath. Perfect for anyone looking to incorporate strength training alongside their yoga practice.


Breathe + Flow

Tap into the wisdom of the breath. Starting with slow yet activating movement to get out of the mind and into the body, we go further by moving into a practice of pranayama and active breathwork. Combining ancient and contemporary breathwork techniques, this class is designed to shift stagnant energy out of the body and unlock what's next. Open to all.


Precision Pilates

Low-impact and intentional movement tapping into your core strength and stability. We'll move through small and precise movements, often with the help of props, to help build flexibility, strength, and range of motion. This is a practice of rhythmic movement with lots of repetition, which might sound boring at first, but when you tap into your body's inner awareness, you'll find there's so much to explore. Open to all.



For when you need a little break from doing all the things. Restore is a gentle practice and introspective journey designed to calm your nervous system. We'll hold poses for several minutes to target our deep connective tissues and practice soothing breathwork to move us into a space of deep rest. It's part yoga, part community nap time, and open to all.


New Moon Nidra + Yin

Your intentional time to rest, recover, and transform. Aligning with the new moon's renewing energy, we take the opportunity to plant seeds of intention while granting ourselves the space to deeply rest and reset. Through the practices of yin and yoga nidra—or sleep yoga—we transition from the day's busyness to a profound state of calm. The session guides your brain into the restorative alpha and theta states, creating a deep connection between your conscious desires and subconscious mind and paving the way for a life lived with heightened awareness and presence.


Hatha Flow

Bridge the foundational strength of traditional hatha yoga with the dynamic sequencing of vinyasa. We focus on the core principles of yoga, exploring each pose with intention and holding it long enough to truly connect with its essence before flowing into the next. This approach allows for a thorough understanding of alignment and the subtle energies within each asana. Perfect for those who seek to ground their practice in the fundamentals. Open to all.


Mobility Flow

A functional movement practice for those seeking to improve flexibility, joint mobility and overall range of motion. We'll combine traditional yoga poses with active stretching, joint mobilisation, and breath synchronisation. Designed for the 'I'm bad at yoga, I'm inflexible' folks because yoga is about so much more than touching your toes. But touching your toes can also help your overall physical well-being. Open to all.


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Our Teachers

Anna Fahy


Anna is an encouraging and supportive teacher. With a degree in philosophy, Anna always aims to convey the deeper aspects of the practice within her classes. While this might sound serious, Anna is a firm believer that a playful approach to practising better helps us to let go and connect to ourselves fully. She believes that part of the beauty of āsana is its ability to lead us toward balance - what we need fluctuates on a daily basis, so there will always be lots of options to scale up or scale down. Expect space for stillness, moments of challenge and hopefully, a little laughter.



"All that yoga asks of us is to breathe, feel and notice."




Bex Parker Smith


Known for her playful yet intelligent class style, Bex first found yoga while in recovery for OCD and an eating disorder. Through the practice, she began to recognise her body as her home and discovering the simple joy of mindful movement is what inspired Bex to take her first yoga teacher training in 2019. She has since completed over 500 hours of yogic study. Whether leading a dynamic flow or nourishing yin practice, Bex weaves philosophy, pranayama (breathwork), sankalpa (intention) and dhyana (meditative) practices alongside the asana (poses), to support you in awakening a deeper awareness of self.



"This being human is a guest house. - Rumi"




Claire Wilson


Claire began her yoga practice in 2013 following an injury and upon recognising the shift it was having on her own mental health, she was drawn to teaching. Since qualifying as a teacher in 2017, she has trained in Vinyasa, Mandala, Embodied and Tantric Flow, and she uses movement as a gateway into our body's innate wisdom and intelligence.

"Focus on the feeling."




Gina Sanchez lomba


Originally from Spain, Gina got certified as a classical pilates instructor after many years in the dance industry. It's from this background that she draws her understanding of the methodology. Her pilates classes blend low-impact and dynamic movements with a focus on subtle yet impactful actions to make you work on your strength and flexibility. To Gina, her time in the studio is all about movement and self-care. Her goal is to move you through exercises with a sense of grace, muscle lengthening, improved posture, and body sculpting. After class, you'll find yourself brimming with energy and a newfound lightness in your step.



"Use your breath to move you."




Laura Childs


Laura is a yoga and breathwork teacher offering classes grounded in intuition, creativity, and self-exploration. A native Californian, she began her journey as a yoga teacher in San Francisco. She's since trained in yin yoga, rocket yoga, and breathwork and completed her 300-hour RYT with Radical Darshan, with a focus on inclusivity, accessibility, and collective care. Her classes are creative and invitational and designed to build personal strength and confidence. Offering a buffet of variations, Laura encourages students to make their practice their own, meet themselves where they are and have some fun in the process. 



"Throughout it all, we breathe, and one day, we let go."



Curated playlists

Leila Sadeghee


Leila Sadeghee is a yoga and meditation teacher, energy worker, priestess, and ritualist. Class with her is a celebration of embodiment and wakeful, magical living. Come to develop a profound relationship with your body, learn about non-dual Tantra, become intimate with your honest-to-goodness needs, and practise self-care as collective care. Students are supported to engage their inherent intelligence in the most load-lightening ways. Movements are cued in a flowing sequence through traditional āsanas and invitations to find new ways to embody them. Her teaching reflects more than two decades of learning and teaching yoga, experiential anatomy, and spirituality. Leila is dedicated to dismantling systemic oppression as a spiritual practice. 



"Aim for the stars with your feet firmly planted on the Mother and enjoy your Self"

Energetically potent



Meg Shannen


Meet Meg Shannen, a seasoned yoga teacher who has shared her passion with over 20,000 people through teaching more than 2,000 classes. Her practice draws from vinyasa, rocket, yin, and pilates while integrating knowledge from Eastern Philosophies and traditions such as Yoga Sutras, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and engaged Buddhism. Meg's personal journey with yoga began at the age of 15, and she now aims to hold spaces that are both welcoming and challenging while offering a sense of peace through a balance of yang and yin.


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. – Lao Tzu"




Nat Kunz


Nat is originally from from Vancouver, Canada and moved to London in October 2021. Movement has always been a part of her life as she began training in ballet at the young age of 2 and continued up until she was 18. While studying nutrition at university she developed a strong yoga and Pilates practice and then went on to take her Pilates certification. She has also trained in Lagree, Spin, The Class by Taryn Toomey, Barre, and Heartcore. Nat's classes exude a welcoming and genuine atmosphere, filled with heartfelt authenticity and invigorating challenges. Her classes are challenging but expect a fun playlist to help you through the burn.



"Take in what you need and leave out what you don’t."




Nidhi Thakkar


Nidhi is an experienced yoga teacher and Ayurvedic therapist who believes in helping others through yoga and wellness. She started practising yoga at 13, taught by her mom, and now has over five years of teaching experience. Nidhi offers yoga classes, workshops, and personal coaching, focusing on building strength and peace of mind. She also specializes in women's health, teaching workshop that combines yoga with Ayurveda. Nidhi is welcoming to both beginners and advanced students, aiming to help everyone achieve better health and balance.





Roberto Rubalcava


Born surrounded by light and colour in Mexico City, Roberto moved to London in 1998 and discovered his love for yoga. His extensive experience is varied by influences, which are displayed and explored in his classes. Whether you're upside down in a fast-paced dynamic flow or completely still in a restorative class, you'll be in attentive and caring hands. Expect a focus on body alignment, breath, mind, heart and energy with challenging and original sequences. 

"Happiness is the essence of life."


Judgement free


Tamara Hayes Elliott


Tamara’s yoga classes are a balance of strength and release, encouraging students to be playful in their experience and listen to what their bodies need in the moment. Her passion for movement flows through her teaching, where she guides creative, grounding and energetic classes for all levels. Focusing on body awareness, experimentation and alignment to guide students through a powerful moving meditation.



"A tranquil mind fosters respect for and appreciation of all people and all nature; herby we can understand the meaning of harmony. - Mari Fujimoto"



no expectations

Tamzin Jade


Tamzin Jade is a Black queer yoga teacher and dance artist based in London, and a graduate from London Contemporary Dance School (2016) who has expanded their study of movement and spirituality through yoga. They have completed multiple trainings, including a foundational 250-hour toga teacher training and Radical Darshan's 300-hour advanced training. Tamzin interweaves movement, intuitive, and indigenous wisdom into whole being experiences. She facilitates compassionate, inquisitive and playful explorations as a resource for joy and liberation. They endeavour to create work in reflection of their life experiences and spiritual healing journey.

"Stay still to keep moving. Keep moving to stay still."




Tiffany Hamilton-Atkins


Tiffany is a yoga and movement teacher, writer, poet and spiritual seeker. She is a dedicated student of the energetics of yoga - specifically learning how this modality can create soul-expanding change in our modern lives. Tiffany's classes use creative flows, with a strong focus on embodiment, to challenge, uplift and empower the practitioner in their practice.

"The body says what words cannot. - Martha Graham"

Creative sequences

Fluid movement


Veronique Ellis


Originally from sunny South Africa, Veronique's passion for Pilates stemmed from her professional Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dancing career, as she witnessed her own mind and body constantly evolving with her pilates practice. Veronique’s positive energy and zest for life filters through into her Dynamic Mat Pilates classes, as she aims to leave you feeling empowered and energised at the end of every session.



"Listen to your body and move in a way that feels good for you."




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