Dive deeper into your own practice in one of our workshops. Combining movement, breath, sound and community, these extended practices will take you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and connection.

Sunday 1st September

"Healing ourselves is not the end of the line, but brings us into relationship with others, and allows us to do the work that brings healing to the wider world." ~ Prentis Hemphill

We're excited to bring back our community sessions, which are all about minimising stress, finding time to rest, and prioritising one's mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Each session will focus on a specific theme that supports current community needs.

To more easily co-create a space of nurturing, compassion, and dignity, we offer this session specifically to folks who identify as Black women, women of colour, and/or BIPOC and non-binary.

This session will be led by Tamzin Jade. As a space holder, Tamzin creates relaxed pathways to expand and deepen our relationship to the individual and collective self. Through guided and intuitive movement, they integrate the principles of yoga, ancestors and indigenous wisdoms. Their teaching practice creates space for our multilayered bodies to receive nourishing rest. They believe gratitude, joy and rest are integral to supporting and maintaining our liberation practices.

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Sunday 1st September

Join Dr. Stacie Graham, Jonelle Lewis, and Kallie Schut, the founders and lead facilitators of Radical Darshan, for a special community check-in and practice session focused on balancing self-care with collective care. This unique event will help cultivate resilience through a combination of meditation, mantra, mudra, and movement, culminating in a deeply relaxing gong bath.

This community practice is particularly beneficial for yoga teachers, studio owners, dedicated students of yoga committed to social justice and equity, wellbeing professionals like coaches, nurses, physicians, and complementary therapists, and anyone working with clients who want to refine their understanding and skills.

All are welcome, regardless of experience level, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Radical Darshan is a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program where social justice and collective care are woven into the curriculum. Our training stands out for its commitment to compassionate accountability and leadership for inclusive communities. Participants will learn how to empower students from diverse backgrounds and challenge toxic wellness culture.

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Saturday 28th September

Let's align our intention with the rhythms of nature and embody our commitment to reconnecting our community with the earth.

Join us at Samya Studios, in collaboration with Communi.Table, for a soulful evening that marries the magic of yoga with the joy of seasonal dining, set against the lush backdrop of late spring/early summer. As we embrace the shift from the vibrant spring to the lush vitality of summer, this special evening offers an opportunity to celebrate the season through yoga and a curated seasonal feast.

The evening begins in our light-filled studio with an extended yoga practice led by Laura and designed to harness the energy of summer: optimism, abundance, joy and light. Accompanied by breathwork, journaling, and time for reflection, this movement practice is an invitation to find clarity and balance, celebrating the longest days of the year.

Following the practice, you're invited to join a communal long table meal, prepared by India of Communi.Table. The three-course menu showcases the peak of seasonal produce, embodying the themes of fertility and prosperity.

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Saturday 26th October - Tuesday 29th October

Enthusiast of rest and an explorer of the rested state, Pip Roberts is bringing her renowned rest immersion to London for the first time.

Rested Being—a 4-day immersion into the Yoga Nidra state exploring through your experience of the body.

We will:
🌀 delve into deep rested states within our cells and, from that place of experience, uncover riches to share
🌀 experience and sense the nervous and fluid systems, gaining scientific understanding
🌀 create embodied Yoga Nidra
🌀 use equipment to support and sustain the practice
🌀 learn to “read” bodies
🌀 share in private and group settings
🌀 explore the non-duality of rest
🌀 understand rest as activism
🌀 discover how these tools can be used for sacred dreaming and connecting to forgotten and suppressed parts of yourself

Are you ready to truly rest? AND examine your relationship with it?

One fully funded scholarship and one half-funded scholarship are available for those underrepresented in wellness. To receive one of these scholarships, please email us at hello@samyastudios.com. Timings for the immersion are as follows: Saturday and Sunday 2pm to 8pm / Monday and Tuesday 11am to 5:30pm.

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An introspective journey of yin, down-regulation breathwork, meditation, and sound. It's the new Friday night out.

Designed to calm the nervous system a promote deep rest, this session pairs longer-held postures with breathwork and meditation to shift you out of the work week and into your body. We'll then integrate with an immersive soundbath to restore harmony within the body, mind and spirit.

The resonant sounds of alchemy singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, gongs and other healing instruments create an atmosphere for deep relaxation, dream states and inner shifts to help you align with what's next. Join Laura as she guides this deeply restorative session with live music from George of The Sound Shift.

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