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Welcome to Samya Sessions—treatments, therapies, and one-to-one sessions designed to bring you back into balance. Step into our treatment room for all types of one-to-one sessions, from massage therapy, ayurvedic treatments, breathwork, yoga, reiki healing, and more.⁠

Menteath signature facial

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A 60- or 90-minute journey designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. It starts with a sculpting face, neck, shoulders, and head massage. Integrating up to 10 distinct elements, our facial refreshes, restores, and tones your skin, enhancing vitality and replenishing nutrients. A powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants deeply nourishes your skin, while omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9 improve your complexion and strengthen skin functions. Crafted daily from 100% natural ingredients, our facials suit all skin types and are perfect for a monthly restorative ritual to boost skin health and glow.

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Deep tissue massage

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Get relief from chronic tension, soreness, and tightness. This targeted therapy goes deep to loosen muscle fibres, enhance circulation, and unravel tension in your body, restoring a sense of balance and vitality. This treatment stimulates your body's energy channels by applying targeted pressure and stretching techniques to specific areas, facilitating the free flow of vital energy.

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One to one Pilates

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Build strength and connect body, mind and breath in a personalised journey to your physical well-being tailored to sculpt and strengthen your body. Under expert guidance, you’ll experience a transformative workout focusing on core strength, flexibility, power, and grace.

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One to one Yoga

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Dive into the benefits of a regular and personalised yoga practice. Explore breath, movement, and mindfulness in a yoga experience designed according to your needs to promote balance, flexibility, and a sense of inner calm. Ideal if you’re looking to start a new practice or deepen your existing one.

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One to one Breathwork

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A personalized breathwork journey crafted exclusively for you. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of active breathing to release stress and anxiety, cultivate greater compassion, and boost creativity. Unlock your potential and invite in deep healing and transformation.

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Ayurvedic massage

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Indulge in the soft embrace of Shirobhyanga, an Ayurvedic head massage that specifically targets the functions of the five senses and nervous system by gently kneading away tension from the head, shoulders, and neck. Herbal oils soothe the scalp and deeply nourish the hair, leaving it lustrous and healthy. As skilled hands work their magic, you'll feel your stress literally melt away.

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Our Practitioners

Diana De Leon


With a focus on addressing individual needs, Diana tailors each treatment meticulously. She blends traditional and technical elements to provide a dynamic style of bodywork that promises deep healing and rejuvenation. Diana will gently accompany you on a unique and personalized journey towards physical, mental and emotional tranquillity. Notable experience in deep tissue, prenatal, injury rehabilitation, post-operative and trauma-informed massage therapy.





Manoj Koeri


Manoj is a yoga teacher, sound practitioner and Ayurvedic therapist. By exploring traditional practices, he offers wisdom, insight, and knowledge that honours those who have come before and his own experiences to help us live yoga on and off the mat. Community are encouraged to feel it all in a safer and braver space. He has spent many months in his ancestral land of India, learning, training and experiencing yoga in an embodied and holistic way. Manoj cares deeply about ways to create and implement experiences that include all people, where social justice, philosophy and sound are at the core of his teaching





Carli Wheatley


Carli has dedicated her life to health, fitness, and the lymphatic system. Starting as the Essex indoor junior tennis champion, she pursued boxing and became a coach at 18. Her love for exercise and sports led her to delve deep into studying the human body, encompassing everything from yoga to physiology. With endless teacher training certifications, Carli's passion for helping others achieve wellness runs deep. She treats each person as a unique individual and listens attentively. She’s known for her honesty, straight talk, and ability to make you feel amazing. She began her journey into lymphatic wellness after experiencing its profound benefits firsthand.





Laura Childs


Laura is a yoga and breathwork teacher offering classes grounded in intuition, creativity, and self-exploration. With a focus on inclusivity, accessibility, and collective care, her sessions are supportive, invitational, and designed to build personal strength and confidence. Offering a buffet of variations, Laura encourages you to make your practice your own, meet yourself where you are, and have some fun in the process. She's dedicated to decolonizing her practice and offerings and supporting others in their journey towards expanded consciousness.




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Veronique Ellis


Originally from sunny South Africa, Veronique's passion for pilates stemmed from her professional rhythmic gymnastics and dancing career, as she witnessed her own mind and body constantly evolving with her pilates practice. Veronique’s positive energy and zest for life filter through her dynamic mat pilates classes, as she aims to leave you feeling empowered and energised at the end of every session.



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